🔮 Life Lately — Vol. 1


I've been so conscious about everything lately. I've been really sensitive since last year, and that's continuing now. It's already February... And I feel I'm running out of time. Or are my thoughts too much?

Back to work. My original plans were ruined, and more than anything and anyone, I failed myself. Sure, I'm still in a good place now, but I was trying to be in a better place. *sigh* I kept telling people about those grand endeavors too - shut up ka na lang kasi, Pearl.

Anyways, I declare this POSTPONED. #Patience2017

I'm broke. Dayuuum. Not being greedy or materialistic, but I feel so powerless without money. Can't shop, can't travel, can't eat out Others would say, "Well, you live with your parents, so you have nothing to worry about." I get you, but that's no excuse. I've grown up not really asking for money when it comes to my stuff. Srsly~ Though of course, when we go out, I make them treat me food. Food is lyfff

 Above reason explains why I was not able to avail the recent Piso Fare Seat Sale! Cebu Pacific, you your timing sucks! I also knew by morning already via Facebook, so most of the seats would've been booked. There's just a different fulfillment when you get to score cheap flights - ugh! I missed that chance ㅠㅠ

 Fortunately, I have a trip to Manila soon! I'm going with family to Baguio, specifically. It's my first REAL time traveling with them, so let's see if it's harmonious or not  By now, I'm imagining Mama making us pose everywhere for pictures. And Papa getting tired easily. Haha but we'll see. I'm not anticipating the commute though...

 I'm on a K-Drama high as always, and I've infected my officemates as well. I've become the source of all things Korean. Lels  Currently, I'm watching Sweet Stranger and Me. I still have Legend of the Blue Sea, Love in the Moonlight and Hwarang on hold because I don't like traditional / sageuk dramas that much~ I'll try though since they're hits in Korea. I have to understand the hype ㅋㅋㅋ Then again, I just want rom-coms bec thirsty for kilig. There, I said it. 

 For variety shows, I'm into New Journey to the West 3 because of my boy, MINO. I didn't expect much but it's so funny! And there's Kyuhyun in the cast too, so that's like, both of my big fandoms together: Super Junior and WINNER~ I watch 3 Meals A Day Season 3 - Fishing Village too. It's basically a mouth-watering food show. Reasons for tuning in are my baes, Eric and Yoon Kyunsang. And the food! Though I honestly can't stomach them vegetables and chili. But they eat so well that you just get hungry. And eat. Then gain weight 

 Ooh, my installment for camera is almost done - by April! YASSS. It's either I can finally save or buy GoPro. Whichever. Though I think I'd choose the former because there's this thing I HAVE to achieve this year. Lord, pretty please!?  *zips mouth*

 On second thought, I also need a new external drive. The one I have now is brimming with K-shows (go figure) and movies and photos... Plus, I need extra batteries for the camera. Plural that because I can't die out when travelling~ But first #howtosavemoney #howtosavealife 

 My Valentines would probably be spent shooting BOYBANDPH. The name is cringe, right?!, but whatever. They're gonna come on the 13th and be in Centrio. I'm not a big fan - I actually just wanna try my 50-230mm lens if I can snap from afar. Haha but see you, Ford and Joao, among others.

 Spotify Premium got me on a non-Kpop high. Versace on the Floor is a freakin' jam! Gaaaah the feels. I'm waiting for karaoke night this week (hopefully). My song list is ready~ Hahaha


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