✈ MisOr 2017 — Initao-Libertad Protected Landscape and Seascape + Hapitanan Beach Resort

One Saturday afternoon, my officemates and I decided to head to Initao to have some rendezvous with nature~ It was supposed to be a hiking weekend but here we were. Blessing in disguise though; I think I wasn't in the condition to climb


Entrance Fee: 15 PHP
Table with Chairs: 15 PHP to 150 PHP

It involved a lot of walking. And while it was therapeutic, it was also exhausting. Haha but to be honest, the place is pleasant if you want some quiet time to study or talk with someone... There was just one group (3 men) apart from us, so we basically have the whole site to ourselves.

Glimpses of the ocean can then be seen - good, because they sedate my-tired-from-walking self.

While the water is delectable, it's a no-no to jump and enjoy it. Just let your eyes feast the view, yall.

We settled down after finding a good spot, proceeding to eat the food we brought. After a while, photo ops ensued. Of course, right?

Our primary goal was to go to the beach, so we didn't stay long at the forest. One of the staff offered to take us caving but none of us were really tempted. Haha moving on!


Entrance Fee: 10 PHP
Table with Chairs: 400 PHP (Cheapest is 300 PHP)

This is beside Blu Sands Beach Resort, which is quite the pricey one. So, Hapitanan is definitely the affordable alternative. And anyways, it's the same beach you're gonna be swimming in~

I forgot I've actually been there before. Lels it was such a long time ago. Anyhoo, Initao beaches are srsly >>>>>>> Opol beaches because white sand and clean waters! If only they're nearer to CDO.

Ending the day at the beach with the sunset. After all, you just can't have too much of it ♡


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