⭐️ Fangirl Diary — BoybandPH in Cagayan de Oro

BoybandPH is not one I would like to call a boyband - HAHAHA Srsly, I'm so bewildered about how they thought of such a name. Sooo original Okay, sarcasm aside, this group is from ABS-CBN's Pinoy Boyband Superstar and I was only able to tune into them boys late in the show. As in really watch. I guess I'm just born to be a fangirl in this life~

Fast forward to February 13, BoybandPH came to my city for a pre-Valentine event! I don't dare say I'm a big fan but I like them. Especially Joao and Ford. And this was a great opportunity to use my new 50-230mm lens aka my fangirling lens. Hahaha

It was a Monday and I just came from work with my officemates~ I didn't expect that there would be a lot of people SRSLY. Most were high schoolers though, so okay... Anyways, even from a not-so-close spot, I was able to take some snaps worth sharing!? I hope. Again, thank you, zoom lens
Jo-WOW, I mean, JOAO ㅋㅋ
Joao reminds me very much of Vanness Wu. He seemed to be the most popular one since everyone around was chanting his name. From a GGV guesting, the other members thought so too. I think it's because he's a good dancer. Dancers are just magnets, you know? Though that's still a case to case basis


It was easy to take pictures of him because he was always by the side of the stage where I was. Or he's my bias. Either way.


Ford keeps moving around, so I only have these photos:


Hello to Tristan looking good and lurking on the side. I'm sorry, I didn't really capture him. No reason. Hihi


But woah, here's a bias wrecker! Russell is one jolly kid. After Joao, I can't stop looking at him because he has all these random expressions~ He's underrated though. Let's give him more looove

Now, these dorks are too cute! I ship them! Like I do Kpop stars because I fangirl like that. Lels but see:


They were making Russell dance here and Joao joined him - Twerk It Like Miley was like his jam or something, after all.

Someone from Twitter asked me if there were only 4 members who came because I don't have any photo of Niel. Uhm, it was hard since he was small plus he was always at the center beside fans. That's it, I think.

All in all, it was fun. They sang live, which they should. They don't do that much in ASAP, which is a shame. Why bother judging them on their singing skillz in the competition if you weren't gonna make them sing?

Aaand my 50-230mm lens is the bomb! To more artists to shoot and I mean with my camera


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