✈ Surigao 2016 — Britania Group of Islands

If you're going on a fixed weekend tour to Surigao del Sur, your schedule will almost always have Enchanted River on the Saturday and then island hopping on the Sunday. Well, that's how it seemed when this happened to me twice already.

Before anything else, let me show you where we stayed and slept by Saturday night: at Mac Arthur's Place. This was my accommodation last time too. It's definitely ideal because you can set off to the Britania Islands as soon as you want. Our room for this trip was even fronting the beach!

As you can see, the place is quite damp because of the rainy weather. Again, I would suggest you go here during summer or hot months.

We had an early start since we'll have to leave for home after lunch or early afternoon. Before anything else, we had breakfast, of course. Anyways, it was free because it was part of our fee. That rhymes, huh? 

The chill-est couple everrr
It was a gloomy morning and that dampened my spirit a little bit. I've gone to these spots before, so there wasn't an element of surprise anymore. But beyond the familiarity, I was there with my best girl friends. Enough reason to celebrate life~

People and their boats flock the islands, so it became hard to "park" our own. I think we even spent a good 30 minutes just to do so. And that's probably for every island. Well, let me just show you some of our sights while we were onboard:

Now, first on the list was...


Approaching Hagonoy
It's bare here because the boats dock at the opposite side. I guess that's designated or something. See? 

Then began my role as a photographer. Kneesa has more pictures on this trip than I had. I couldn't blame her though. She's such a madame 

PAK GANERN. On the other hand, I be like the safe bish... Haha


These are the only "proper" shots of the three of us. It's really a different story when your friends partner up. I'm saying this as an observation. Just makes me wonder how it'll be for me in the future~

I took a lot of snaps here, so I wasn't able to take a dip and swim. I didn't mind though. Vitamin sea is all around me. No need to panic. Teehee.


Did you notice the cloud formation right there? It was such eye candy. I can't give you a zoom-in look because I only had my 16-50mm lens with me but srsly, it was pretty. Oh, nature, you spoil me 

The waves here come from different directions and meet at the center. Isn't that cool-io?

Doing this post has me drooling for the beach alreadyyy


As you can see, there are stores, so we were able to feed ourselves here. Souvenirs and other knick knacks can be bought as well, perfect for pasalubong


Other than these Filipino street snacks, I was also able to eat a sea urchin! It wasn't delicious. I mean... it didn't really give me that wow factor or something. It actually didn't have a taste. How do I explain this?? Haha I'm no gourmet, forgive me.


The last one is Buslon Island. I didn't use my camera around this time anymore because I was like, "F*ck it! I just wanna be here - really here - in the present!" There are such instances but I end up regretting. What will I put in the blog then? 

We were supposed to roam around the island by swimming with our life jackets but they wanted to go banana boating. Well, I'm all for it! It costed us 100 PHP per head. Five will ride the banana and one will sit in the jet ski after the driver. I wanted to be in the jet ski but I would have to do a video recording. It's hard enough to hold for dear life but you have to hold a phone and record as well? No thanks. Hahaha


It wasn't scary because we were wearing "legit" life jackets. I knew I was gonna float if ever we fell over. I wish we did though, since that was the thrill when riding a banana boat. But we had a kid with us, so we just can't.

Boohoo, the reminiscing comes to an end. What do you think of the 3 out of the 7,100+ islands in the Philippines? 


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