✈ Cebu 2017 — Sinulog Festival Newbie — Day 2

I've seen and heard news that Cebu has the worst traffic in PH. That bit did not excite me at all but it's one thing I'll have to experience, I guess. And I srsly did! Well, I expected worse than worst (if there's such) as it's Sinulog time. Party party partyyy~

Gonna break it to you though: this is no typical trip where I have a fixed itinerary on what to do and where to go regarding festival activities. I did think it was gonna be like that, with Anna Mari showing me around but turns out, she was not prepared at all. Tsk I was honestly disappointed. Anyways, it didn't matter because I can still go next year or next next year! (With more friends, for sure.) All I know is I wanted to relax and do whatever. Anything goes.


First order of business: go to SM to meet Anna's boyfriend and his friends. They will be our buddies for the shizz we're gonna do. We looked around for Sinulog shirts as well. They're everywhere! Island Souvenirs be racking in the cash. Haha


I've been shooting RAW this time. It's really, really better, especially when it comes to post-processing. But when I have to hand my camera to other people, I still have to switch to Automatic mode because most of them don't have deeper knowledge about shooting. Hihi JPEG is harder to edit!


I was at the mall again. Lels I've looked around the day before but I still can't fully memorize its layout. I mean, I'm not exactly bad at directions but I'm like Dory too. If you know what I mean~


In the end, it was just 4 of us. Since phone signals in Cebu were turned off, the others can't be contacted. We then decided to go to SM Seaside to try ice skating~ While again, we couldn't avoid the traffic, the ride was easy and comfortable with My Bus #endorser #charot


You have to have a My Bus card - it's reloadable, actually. From my research, it's for 200 PHP and you will then already have 100 PHP load as fare. SM to Seaside is worth 25 PHP. Since Anna already has her card, she only had to reload and pay for our tickets.


With the long line of people, I'm just glad we got to sit. The bus was barely moving - I think we even arrived after an hour or two. Imagine that.

I srsly wanted to try ice skating but I'm not confident. Well, that's because I'm not exactly sporty. But I don't think I suck too. Hahaha I hesitated because of the price though. They don't do hourly rates; unlimited skating is for 420 PHP. It was already 8 PM then and my companions were hesitant as well. We ended up going to the nearby SM Bowling & Leisure Center.

Here are the rates flashed in the counter screen:

Bowling: 115 PHP / Game
Time Bowling: 400 PHP / Hour / Lane
Shoe Rental: 50 PHP / Pair
Billiards: 200 PHP / Hour
KTV: 150 PHP / Hour

Note that the 115 PHP / Game is per person. But only 1 game. All the players will pay for the game. So, the 4 of us paid that amount + for the shoes = 165 PHP each. Very affordable~ Considering we are bowling newbies, it's a fair price to pay. We don't even know any of the rules! Lels

What "braved" us up was that most of the people around us seem to not know how to play too! Same same. No judgment. Haha I can't judge the lady above though. She looks good

Well, tada!!! Here I was!!!


It was super fun! No kidding. I just discovered a hidden talent of mine ㅋㅋㅋ At first, of course, you feel that the ball is heavy and you can't control your throw. One game is like 2 throws x 10 "sessions". After many tries, you just get the hang of it. I am addicted!!!

I began to notice that some balls were heavier... There were Small, Medium and Large ones! Obviously, I kept using the small since it was easier to handle~ My companions weren't able to spot that, and so they thought that was why I was hitting well. Hmm, not really. Chos

I WON!!! See that?! Just so you know, I was able to do 2 to 3 strikes. I feel sooo proud as a first-timer 

After the game and dinner at Hukad, we set off for Sto. Niño Church to offer prayers. The other friends have also been contacted because the signal was back, so we planned to meet somewhere there.


I guess that's just about it. Well, all of us walked to Colon then decided to go to Mango Ave for food and all that. There were so many people! It seemed like a glimpse of what's to come next... Wait for it!


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