✈ Cebu 2017 — Sinulog Festival Newbie — Day 1

For all those times I've gone to the Queen City of the South for vacation, you would think I've had some Sinulog experience. Nuh-uh. Well, I'll have to blame airlines for not having promo tickets during these days. Haha okay, duh. Peak season.

But this year! This year, I felt I wanted to push myself to go and crush this off my mental bucket list. And I did, even without a buddy with me. Yes, I braved up and traveled solo! I knoooow, it's much more fun to enjoy the festivities with loads of friends with you, but there was no one who was willing to go with me~ To be honest, it was also kind of a last-minute decision. I have Anna Mari in Cebu anyways, so there's that 

I didn't fly there though. I had to ride a ferry from Cagayan de Oro thru Lite Ferries. The ticket costed 920 PHP.


They offered simple accommodations but I didn't really expect a lot. I'm no high-maintenance person, ganern. Hehe now, if you're wandering why I didn't choose Trans Asia or 2GO, that's because both of them were FULLY BOOKED. That's what I get for the sudden decision. Boohoo So, if you wanna go to Cebu for Sinulog, better buy tickets early!

Night view of the port and my boat... NOT. Lels
I was okay with the (more or less) 10-hour trip, EXCEPT that I left my earphones! THAT'S SUCH BAD LUCK, RIGHT?! Out of all the days that I bring / use them, it has to be that time when I misplaced them. Worst part: I actually had a spare set - that of my phone's. But I only remembered them when I was on board *facepalm* Thank God I had eBooks though~ And well, I still was able to watch KDrama episodes even with the speaker. Just didn't make volume too loud ㅋㅋㅋ

Of course, sleep was part of my whole solo situation. I even expected to wake up being in my destination already but I have a story! Something freakin' alarming, funny and annoying happened 

Again, I woke up thinking we've arrived. I looked at phone clock and saw it was still 5 AM. I looked around and there seemed to be some commotion. Apparently, a person jumped off the ferry    Do yall feel my shock just instantly after waking up??

We were put to a stop because authorities were looking for him and all that. Obviously, we're on delay and that's just not welcome news. Then again, we're talking about someone's life here, so yeah. This morning view was welcoming though:

It took us almost 2 hours to find him. They said Tran Asia helped for the lookout and they were successful. BUT... Okay, there is a but.  But the guy didn't want to be rescued. WHAAAT? Srsly though. I don't know how everything exactly went but when he came by our boat, he was using a floater / life bouy (salbabida, for short. Haha) Another WHAAAT? Lite Ferries people we're already coaxing him to come up but he's a stubborn bastard, yeah? That just made us all passengers get angry with him for causing such hassle. Within those 2 hours waiting for him, we could've arrived~ Tsk

Long story short: He's all right. I almost wanted to punch him though while he was passing by. Lels

Anyhoo, look who fetched me?

Thanks to this guy, it was easy navigating to Anna Mari's place. Dave just came from duty too - double gratitude. Hihi it's not everyday I go to Cebu though, so he's gonna have to accommodate me

I got to Anna's pad, freshened up and set off to Ayala to spend the day while she works until 9 PM. She didn't tell me she still has work!  Well, I'm okay with sightseeing on my own. *shrugs*


Definitely used this opportunity to take a lot of pictures. Photowalk in the mall~


At some point, I transferred to SM because that's where Dave and I were to meet again for him to treat me to dinner! Haha but he took so long to come. Forever 21 had a festival sale too... And the rest is history~ Hahaha I will try to share about what I bought next time.

I wanted to try something new and tada~ Fried ice cream (melon flavor) worth 40 PHP only! Very affordable, right? It's from a stall called Miguelitos Fried Ice Cream. It was hard finishing this, even. Perfect for sharing. There are other flavors and toppings you can choose

Too pretty mannequin!!!

After I fetched Anna from work, she brought me to eat (again) at Sugbo Mercado by IT Park. It's basically a weekend food market. I super like it because there are a lot of food choices - sosyal but economical. The site is clean too. I will srsly be a regular if I live / work there. Hihi

You know your amiga already has a boyfriend when she's becoming too busy with her phone. Hahaha kidding!


This has turned out too long, so I'm cutting the posts by days. Or it depends. Haha I've not shown you much festival activity yet, but I have to tell you I had major LSS with the Prititit jingle. Everywhere in the malls, it was playing. Well, who to blame, that's what I came for?


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