📍 Swimming at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort

My college barkada and I have finally spent time with each other some weekend ago. Well, not all but reality: most of us have become busy with work and life in general. I can’t refute that even if I try. Lels

With Ate Kams, Kathleen (who just got back from Cebu~), Teejay and her boyfriend, Jason, I visited Ultra Winds Mountain Resort for the very first time!

Ultra Winds is technically located in Bukidnon but it’s conveniently accessed from Cagayan de Oro within 20 minutes. We didn’t have cars of our own yet, so we opted to take a taxi. It was a Sunday then and maybe because it wasn’t really a busy day, the driver agreed to take us up. We paid 500 PHP, meaning 100 PHP / pax.

The ride isn’t that long; just that the road was very steep. I can’t go there riding a motorcycle! Though that would be fun too. Haha I just need a stable driver~


Location: Baungon, Bukidnon

Entrance Fee: 100 PHP (Consumable)
Swimming Pool: Additional 150 PHP

Jason, Teejay, Ate Kams and Kathleen ♡

And now, transforming for swimming duty!

Oh, you have to pay another 50 PHP for a baller. I guess it's to signify that you're using the pool. This is refundable after your session. See the blue one on my wrist?

Spot the difference...? 

Thanks to Teejay-chan for the photos inside the pool. Courtesy of her GoPro  

If you're only there to swim, like we did, you won't have to pay for seats. The poolside tables are free for use. Thank God. Haha because I heard their huts cost 500 bucks? And for 5 of us, that ain't sulit. Though if you go for that option, then you have no corkage for food you bring from outside.

Pool use includes a free snack for each person so we went to their resto and requested for them.

Here's what they served us:

Tuna sandwiches + red tea juice
It was bland and not filling but oh, well... Let's make most of the pool and facilities then! Lels

We met our classmates / schoolmates from college too! That timing 

The gang decided to stay until around 1PM - we settled with the taxi driver before to fetch us by this time. So we changed at past 11? and used the remaining time to tour the place and enjoy the view.

Behind the scenes~

That's the CDO Convention Center right there. Construction isn't finished - you can enter and use it though. Teejay's sister had her photoshoot there before.

We went back to reception and stayed there until our taxi came. There, we met another college friend, Chua! Actually, we saw him when we got there but the proper photo op just ensued at this time.

Artista! Hahahaha
Millennials on standby
It rained after so it became a good thing that we started early. Half a day in Ultra Winds is worth it already though, so if you have limited time to hang out and unwind with family / friends, let it be one of your options! Its location itself suggests a quiet and peaceful setting as it's far from the city. If I were you, I'd go there on a weekday to avoid crowds and all that.


  1. pwede ba mag dala ng own foods/snack?

    1. Hello! As far as I know and as I've mentioned, pwde mgdala food if you rent a hut worth 500 (I don't know if ng increase ilang rate). No corkage na. Hope that helps! :)

  2. Wala lagi kaayo tao unsa nga adlaw ni sis?

    1. Hello, sis. Either Sat or Sun ni ayy milagro lgi mingaw :)


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