...Or not. Just that the members are slowly going to the army and / or going to pursue solo endeavors. I will miss them together ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

The MADE Series is super duper special for me because I've been very involved, even going to their tour leg in Manila. Yasss, I flew just to see them and NO REGRETS. (PS. Fanaccount here~) A lil bit of throwback...

When it's Big Bang, I will always, always, ALWAYS trust their music and performances.

This full MADE album has been delayed since forever (or more than a year) so we VIPs are totally thirsty for the new songs!!! My ears have been ready for the tracks and dayuuuum, EARGASM

 FXXK IT (에라 모르겠다)


It's such an "easy" jam. Taeyang starts in English and GD follows with some Whistle lyric reference (specifically Jennie's rap part)~ TOP covers the 2nd verse. As usual. Haha BUT DAE WITH A WHOLE VERSE + CHORUS?  Seungriseyo is then in charge of the bridge.

The song may very well be about being in a club / party, getting drunk and all. It's not a typical place to find your "true love" but FXXK IT just emphasizes to not hold back on feelings. FEELINGS! I don't buy it but that's because I'm not as reckless. Hahaha really?

I confidently told you
You’re different from those boring girls over there
You get feisty with me
In a dark atmosphere
You’re like a single ray of light

Judging GD's [translated] rap part above though, it could be he found someone "different". Congratulations, lady, for being the exception!


The teaser alone got me shook but WOAH WOAH WOAH. Jiyong singing will melt and kill me I can relate to his lyrics too, so that's like a double wham.

Love that I thought would last forever
Has set
Now even my friends are leaving
Because I’m getting older
I guess I’m becoming an adult
Why am I so anxious?

#Adulting be like This hits me on such a personal level~ It's a slow song as it is, so it's making me sentimental but knowing what it means = everything sadder

Oh well, looking forward to be slayed by their live stages!


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