✈ Camiguin 2016 — White and Mantigue Islands

Our second day in Camiguin was designated for visiting the islands. We woke up to dark and drizzle, which made us almost hesitant to go out and explore. Crossing the ocean in such weather would be dangerous, after all. But since Jeddai's home was near the dock for White Island, we were able to check if the waves were strong or not. Fast forward, we did go! 


Location: thru Yumbing, Mambajao

Entrance Fee: 20 PHP
Boat: 450 PHP (maximum 6 pax)

Nothing's really gonna stop us and a whole lot of other people. Hahaha it was packed! Understandable since it was the long weekend for October.

One sad thing though, I wasn't able to bring my camera there  I can't afford to have it wet (because of the rain). I'm so going to invest on a GoPro next~ Photos are courtesy of Ryan's Huawei P9.


I really, really love white-sand, clear-water beaches We don't really have that in Cagayan de Oro so... It's just regretting that I wasn't able to take my own pictures. Well, this just means I have to come back - and I could do so easily because again, father's hometown. I'd choose to not go on peak season too.

Thankfully, the sun came out around 9 or 10AM + the rain stopped. We decided to leave then to get in time for lunch at...


Location: thru San Roque

Entrance Fee: 20 PHP
Boat: 550 PHP (maximum 6 pax)

In less than an hour, we get to the dock for Mantigue. I think we had to standby for a bit since we have to wait for free boats. There were so many visiting folks! Anyways, I'm able to finally bring the Fuji!

My boat buddies
We're here!
We rented a spot (tables with chairs) for 50 PHP. Lunch ensued after we settled down. We hangryyy

Afterwards, a local guide toured us to the island's mini forest.

Nature is definitely so welcoming, especially since we're coming from the city. It's nice to see and breathe clean

Vain shots before plunging into the cold waters and under the hot sun:

By the way, the transpo rent is for maximum 4 hours only, so you have to talk it out with your boatmen on what time they're going to fetch you. In reality though, the schedule doesn't get to be followed. From our experience, that is. The boat can get their passengers from Mantigue then when they get to mainland, they have to wait for other customers. They can't go back to the island with no one because that won't be too economic, right? Fair enough. At least we get to stay longer. Haha

Next on the list was...


Location: Cantaan, Guinsiliban

Entrance Fee: 25 PHP

This was our last stop. Basically, it's an educational tour about giant clams and other sea creatures. I was more in awe of the fact though that presenters were youngsters. And they spoke in English! Or we made them because it's fascinating. Hihi

The beach is nice but very rocky. We hurt ourselves a lot. Lels

Some of us rented goggles so we snorkeled a bit. I saw fishes myself, albeit small. The guys went deeper to explore the underwater world so we let them be. They said it was so nice out there and there I was, envious because again and again, why don't I know how to swim?!

Well, that ends my Camiguin escapade!


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