✈ Camiguin 2016 — The Sunken Cemetery, Tuasan Falls and Other Tourist Spots

Google the nickname of Camiguin and "Island of Fire" will surely come up. Yes, I did Google. Because for my part, I refer to this place as: my father's precious hometown.

It's actually been years since my comeback here. Believe it or not, I haven't been able to TOTALLY tour Camiguin despite the fact that yes, my Papa did live here. Also, what would a kid know back then, right? For sure travel was the least of my / our priorities 

Oh well, here goes Day 1 of my October trip with my work buddies!

It was the long weekend, so we had to start early from Balingoan port. We got there around 3AM, boarded at 4 and it was around almost 5 when the ferry set off. It could be because of the influx of tourists - I remember there was such a long line of vehicles waiting to board too.

We took naps then woke up to this view:

Just arrived!

Our group rented a multicab (Php 2000 or 200 / pax) for the day. The driver welcomed us while butchering our friend's name. Hahaha the real fun just started!

Before we proceeded to Jeddai's family home, we had a quick stopover to watch the parade for this year's Lanzones Festival.

We left our bags / freshened up then off we went~ Lemme start the tour!


Entrance Fee: NONE

Beautiful, is it? This was on our way to the Sunken Cemetery. I don't really know its name or if it even has one. Lels this picturesque spot is definitely a must-visit!


Location: Bonbon, Catarman

Entrance Fee: NONE

Since we really didn't have the time and energy to climb those stairs, we just did a click-and-run. Pun pun pun not intended. Hihi


Location: Bonbon, Catarman

Entrance Fee: NONE

I thought this was gonna be nothing extraordinary but this part was actually the funniest. First off, we had 2 boats with 6 people each. Payment is 20 pesos per person, by the way. This is roundtrip already.

The boatmen were also the photographers and they were hilarious! They kept saying, "Marvelous!", "Awesome!", and all other synonyms. Hahaha they had foreign accents too.


They also suggested interesting poses / shots like this one below:

One of the kuyas shared that a movie starring Judy Ann Santos and Rhian Ramos was filmed here and he even played extra! There's nothing to lose if I believe in his story, right?

Oh, if you're looking to buy souvenirs from keychains, mugs to shirts, you can already do your shopping here.


Location: Bonbon, Catarman

Entrance Fee: NONE

Barangay Bonbon has the Old Church Ruins as well. This is what the Gui-ob Church has become after the first volcanic eruption in the 1870s.

Apparently, they still hold mass here. There's an altar behind us. Sorry for blocking it  


Location: Catarman

Entrance Fee: 30 PESOS (Adults)

Time to swim! I have some memories here~ Hmm, nothing big, just that I almost drowned here. Hahahuhu. I was either in elementary or early high school. It was still by the poolside but I'm sure I wasn't so tall back then, yeah? Then again, I *saved* myself and never went back...

Even at 23, I'm still that helpless girl. I srsly don't know how to swim!  Good thing my height saves me now. Lels


Location: Catarman

Entrance Fee: NONE

This I've never gone to. No swimming involved though. Just immerse yourself under the falling water~ It was definitely too cold but refreshing! Then again, yeah, too cold.


Location: Sto. Nino, Catarman

Entrance Fee: 30 PESOS (Adults)

Back to do some wading. Or for my part, faking it. You can rent a floater for 20 pesos if you're feeling unconfident of your swimming. Exhibit A: MOI.

We brought our own lunch and we actually devoured them so late because of the commute and all.

All generations are welcome, of course Anyhoo, their lifeguard is pretty intense. He has this megaphone and he keeps warning people that if you don't know how to swim, don't swim. Ha! Why do you have to remind me of my lack of skills...

The day went by in a jiffy. Seven spots in not even 24 hours! Not bad, Camiguin, not bad.

I'll tour you to the islands next!


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